MA studies in International Economics and Quantative Finance at Warsaw University


About us

Imagination allows us to see the many benefits of mutual cooperation, such as the exchange of experiences, respect towards one another, etc. Our initiative is designed to bring this image to life.

Therefore, our long-term objective is to build solid relations between those on both sides who are interested in Polish and Vietnamese cooperation and exchange.

Our short-term objective is financing economics studies for five Vietnamese students in Poland.

The IMAGINARIUS foundation plans to finance and take the lead in building support for this ambitious plan.


We plan to finance full grants for MA studies in International Economics and Quantative Finance at Warsaw University.

Warsaw University, best in Poland, has a rich tradition and is well-known around the world. Students receive a solid education that is highly appreciated by employers.

MA in International Economics is an increasingly essential degree in the global economy. Through the study of the diverse forces that are shaping the global economy and its institutions, the M.A. Program in International Economics at Warsaw University equips its graduates to function effectively in a rapidly changing world.

On the other hand Quantitative Finance programme is intended to prepare students for a wide range of careers inside and outside the financial industry including financial engineering and risk management, macroeconomic and financial forecasting, quantitative asset management, quantitative trading and applied research.


All details referring qualification process and documents needed to be submited you will find on the University website nearby. Please note that deadline for registration at UW is 31th of March 2013. Remeber, this is deadline for internet registration not for submiting all documents.


4.How you should proceede to get grant?

Applicants should register and follow all University registrations instructions and additionally should send their application at Foundation’s email address. The grants will be given to four (2 for IE and 2 for QF) top ranked students in the University addmission process. One person can apply only for one Programme (IE or QF)


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