The ROSE master degree in Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology


MSc Degree

Every year, the ROSE Programme offers scholarships to a number of its MSc students, based on their qualifications, geographical considerations, and on the availability of funds. Possible scholarships available for the highest ranking applicants are e.g.:

Full Scholarship covering living expenses, accommodation expenses and tuition fees
Partial Scholaship covering accommodation expenses and tuition fees
Tuition waivers covering tuition fees
Candidates are informed of the availability of scholarships when the outcome of their application is communicated to them.

PhD Degree

Scholarships are also available for doctoral students. Firstly, and as a rule, all PhD students admitted to the School every year are provided with a tuition waiver and, therefore, do not pay the 6000 € yearly tuition fee.

In addition, candidates admitted to the ROSE School are generally awarded with a doctoral scholarship worth about 1000 Euros net per months. The duration of the scholarship is 36 months and can be increased by 50% during periods abroad. The scholarship is enough for the student cover all general living and accommodation expenses.

These PhD bursaries, which render Doctoral studies at ROSE effectively cost-free, are made available by the IUSS and the EUCENTRE.


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  1. Có ai apply thành công được khóa này chưa ạ?

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