Master of Science in Nematology Scholarships


Period: September 2012 – September 2014
Language: English
Number of VLIR-UOS Scholarships: 12
Promoter: Prof. W. Decraemer (UGent)
Mrs N. Smol
Postgraduate International Nematology Course (PINC)
Ghent University
T + 32 (0)9 264 52 16
F + 32 (0)9 264 53 44

Programme content

The programme curriculum is characterised by a multidisciplinary, interuniversity and international approach reflecting the high diversity, complexity and biological specialisation of nematodes.
The objective is to provide the participants with a thorough basis, practical skills and updated knowledge in all aspects of plant and insect parasitic nematodes, as well as free-living aquatic and soil nematodes (human and vertebrate parasites which belong to the disciplines of medical doctors and veterinarians are not dealt with). The Master course includes training and research. Emphasis is put on the acquisition of microscopy techniques and accurate identification skills aided by the availability of a virtually complete taxonomic library, crop protection, biocontrol, use of nematodes as bio-indicators for quality assessment of terrestrial soils and aquatic sediments, latest techniques for control of nematode pests, such as genetic manipulation. The study programme lasts two years: the first year consists of several courses and practical exercises, the second consists of a few additional courses, networking and seminars, and the dissertation. The programme offers compulsory courses, three elective modules (Nematology Applied to Agro-ecosystems, Nematology Applied to Natural Ecosystems, Nematode Systematics (Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Biodiversity) and additional elective courses. Detailed information on each subject can be found at the website of Ghent University: > English > Education and study > Overview of all courses> Course catalogue> Course catalogue 2011-2012 > English > Study Programmes per Faculty > Faculty of Science > Master’s programmes> Master of Science in Nematology.

Admission requirements

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in zoology, botany, biology, agriculture or a closely related field. Each application file will be screened by the Nematology Educational Committee.

Type of diploma

Master degree



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