2012 M+Visión Fellowship Applications

Link: http://mvisionconsortium.mit.edu/apply

Announcement follows

Application Deadline: January 16, 2012
Fellowship begins July 1, 2012 in Madrid.

About the Fellowship

The Madrid-MIT M+Vision Consortium is seeking exceptional emerging talent for the M+Visión Fellowship in Translational Biomedical Imaging. The experience is multidisciplinary, flexible, and focused on important problems, with research projects formulated by the Fellows. Fellowship begins July 1, 2012. Applications due January 16, 2012. For more detail about the Fellowship, please visit the Fellowship page 

The M+Visión Fellowship in Translational Biomedical Imaging is a central pillar of the Consortium’s vision. A cohort of ten Fellows, exceptional talent from all over the world—engineers, physicians, scientists, and entrepreneurs who see the promise of biomedical imaging—will engage in structured learning experiences for one summer in Madrid, followed by a few months in Boston developing a research direction. After this initial development period, Fellows will conduct research projects—up to two years total duration—with the potential for global effect, using their Consortium network of academic, medical, industry and public leaders as mentors and springboards. Apply for the 2012 M+Visión Fellowship.

The Fellowship is:

+Multidisciplinary: Fellows and faculty from science, engineering, medicine, and business collaborate
+Flexible: Stipend support, research funds, and lab choices throughout Madrid and Boston enable maximum flexibility in project choice
+Focused on important problems: Ideas and projects evolve in response to major medical needs
+Designed by Fellows: Fellows work individually and in groups to define and develop multidisciplinary projects, mentored by world leaders

Most important: After the M+Visión Fellowship

After their immersion in an environment promoting innovation and translation to practice, M+Visión Fellows will have new skills and perspectives in biomedical imaging, and strong relationships with academic and industry imaging leaders. They will be well positioned to continue their research in Madrid or elsewhere; start a new venture; attain a position in a university, medical, or research center; or join a pharmaceutical, imaging technology, biotech, or biomedical device firm. Ideally, each will be motivated to lead the development of biomedical imaging enterprises in Madrid.

Fellowship eligibility

To be eligible, candidates have: MD, PhD, or 5+ years of work past a Bachelor’s degree; experience in some aspect of biomedical imaging; and English fluency. Applications for the 2012 Fellowship are due January 16, 2012. The application site will open in the fall; subscribe to application updates with the form below, or email apply@mvision.madrid.org with questions.


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