Master in Advanced European and International Studies


Scholarship / Financial aid: a limited number of fellowships can be awarded
Date: 2011 / 2012
Deadline: 30 June 2011
Open to: students who have completed their undergraduate studies

Announcement follows

The Master in Advanced European and International Studies is targeted at students who have completed their undergraduate studies.

Its objective is to give students an overarching, encompassing vision of the political, social, economic, and cultural problems of today’s modern world.

The programme follows an original approach which distinguishes it from other Master courses in European Studies and International Relations.

The Modules:

* International Relations
* European Integration
* Economy and Globalisation
* Federalism and Governance

Fees & Living Expenses

Tuition for the Master of Advanced European and International Studies is : 8 000 euros.

This sum covers the following:

1. Accommodation
2. Travel expenses
Trips in the group to the different locations of the programme will be paid by the institute. Only the return trip from the town students reside in to the institute will have to be paid by the students themselves.
3. Study trip
Participation in the study trip organised each year by the Institut Europeén des Hautes Etudes Internationales to international and European institutions.
4. Administrative Expenses
– Cost of preparation, registration and processing of applications
– Administration of the student’s file following acceptance, for the duration of the academic year.
5. Documentation
– Free access to various libraries
– Supply of reading material for seminars
– Free use, (limited), of the Institute’s photocopying machine for research purposes
– Free use of computers for internet research and word processing
6. Other services
– Admission to international colloquia organised by I.E.H.E.I. and the Centre International de Formation Européenne
– Conferences organised specifically for students of the IEHEI


Scholarships to cover the total or partial costs of tuition and living expenses can be granted by different organisations depending on the nationality of the applicant.

1. In some countries candidates may obtain scholarships from their universities or from organisations such as:
– D.A.A.D. for German students
– D.E.S. for British students
– U.S. Department of Education for American students
– Rotary International Foundation
– Soros Foundation for students from Central and Eastern Europe etc.
If you want to apply for a scholarship to these organisations, please contact them directly.

2. Fellowships from the French Government for foreign students can also be obtained. Candidates should contact the cultural services at the French Embassy in their country where they may obtain useful information on the procedures to follow.
The deadline for applications for fellowships of the French Government is the end of the calendar year preceding the academic year you apply for.

3. The I.E.H.E.I. can also, under special conditions related to the nationality and the qualification of the student, present applications to different Ministries and foundations which may award fellowships. These fellowships will be administered by the Institute.

4. Candidates can also ask for student loans from banks in France or in others countries.

Candidates who are not able to obtain a fellowship from one of the above mentioned organisations may ask for financial aid from the C.I.F.E.
A limited number of fellowships can be awarded to particularly qualified candidates who are not able to cover the cost of their studies and stay. This fund could be established due to a special contribution from the C.I.F.E. as well as grants from private and public institutions.
Required conditions:
– Fulfil all conditions for admission
– Show a strong commitment to the idea of the programme
– Be unable to obtain any other form of financial aid (private or government fellowships, personal income, parents’ help, etc.).


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