Anne van den Ban Scholarship Fund at Wageningen University


The Anne van den Ban Fund (previously the ‘Stichting Redelijk Studeren’), is named after

Dr Anne van den Ban, a former professor Rural Extension at Wageningen University. The fund was founded in 1992 by two Wageningen alumni. The Anne van den Ban Fund is affiliated to the Wageningen University Fund.


The fund exists to enable promising students from developing countries and Central and Eastern Europe to study at Wageningen University. The long term goal is the training of talented experts who will go on to play leading roles in improving the agricultural production, rural development and environment in their own countries.


In addition to the geographical criteria students applying for the fund must meet the following conditions:

they must already be accepted for their chosen study at Wageningen

– they must have achieved good academic results in their own country

– they must intend to return to their own country at the completion of their degree


The fund also gives preference to candidates who already receive some form of financial assistance.
Applicants please note: the Anne van den Ban Fund is not a rich fund. The fund can only support a limited number of students each year! Check our contact page for the latest news.


Professor Johan Bouma (Chairman)

Dr. Lot (C.H.) Hänisch ten Cate (Secretary)

Dr.Ir. Tjark Struif Bontkes (Treasurer)

Ir. Hans (J.) Jansen (secretaris studentenzaken)

Dr. Ir. Henk Udo
Dr. Ir. Anne van den Ban


For applicants
Before your application for a fellowship can be considered, you first have to be admitted to a MSc at Wageningen University.

See for admission procedures:

If you have been admitted or if you are admitted under the conditon that you complete your BSc soon you can apply for a fellowship of the Anne van den Ban Foundation (ABF).

The call for fellowships for all programmes starting September is open from 1 February till 15 April. The call for fellowships for all programmes starting in February is open from September 1 till October 15.

Please realize that the ABF is not a rich one. It therefore is highly recommended also to apply at other foundations. This only will benefit you because they normally offer higher monthly allowances than we can do.

The probability to get a fellowship from the ABF for the academis year 2011/2012 is almost reduced to zero due to the fact we can only offer a maximum of 5 full fellowships a year and due to the fact that we are overrun by applications caused by some rumours at twitter.

Please do not apply unless you have been admitted to a MSc programme at Wageningen University !!!!!!


10 Responses

  1. Em vừa cấu được tí từ học bổng này, xin bổ sung thông tin như sau (copy từ email offer của em) để các bạn quan tâm có thể biết:

    “A scholarship from the ABF covers maximal 22 months of € 700 + your Tuition Fee, in total € XXX. We only sponsor 22 months because good students can finish their study within 22 months. A research fee is not covered by an ABF grant (you will be exempted for it). All other expenses for visa, insurance and so on had to be paid by your monthly allowance. But we will normally prepay those expenses resulting in a reduced amount of about € 600 per month (it’s less luxurious than grants from other sponsors, but sufficient).
    A WU Fellowship is also offered. This means that your tuition fee of € XXX will be paid for you by the WU Fellowship”

    “You informed us that you were able to manage your study cost to a total of € YYY, so according our standards you need € ZZZ. Your Scholarship is guaranteed for the first year and is set aside for the second year, but will only be continued if you pass your exams during the first year. During that year you had to inform us about this study results.
    Another aspect of our fund is important. We don’t sponsor the costs of your ticket to and from Wageningen.”

    ABF sẽ tự động nominate mình với WU Fellowship (khi em apply không biết về hb này) để cover tuition fee cho mình. Phần còn lại của học bổng phụ thuộc vào khả năng mình tự huy động được (cũng là một tiêu chí để cho học bổng như anh Tùng đã post ở trên) nên khi khai trong application form về khoản này cần cân nhắc kỹ lưỡng để không bị “hớ” 😀

    Btw, cám ơn anh Tùng lần nữa và hẹn gặp anh bên Hà Lan nghe 😀

    • hi chi Trang,
      Nam nay em se apply hoc bong nay nhung ma em gap van de voi cai GPA cua hb yeu cau.. Trong do yeu cau la 85 or more..GPA nay that la khung, trong khi do truong em tinh GPA theo thang diem 4 va em chi dat duoc 3.5/4.0. Khong biet nhu vay da du dap ung yeu cau GPA nay khong chi? em search tren google ve chuyen diem wa thi cua em tam co 8.0..hix

  2. Chúc mừng em nhé. Cuối cùng thì sau bao ngày chờ đợi cũng được hái trái ngọt nhé. Hẹn gặp lại em bên Hà Lan!

    • Chào Tùng,
      Mình là Hưng, một kiến trúc sư ra trường được một năm. Cũng như Tùng, mình khao khát được đi học vô cùng và mình đã tìm kiếm gần như hằng ngày trên mạng để có học bổng nhưng kiếm một học bổng Master của Architecture khó quá. CV mình rất tốt, Toefl 101. Tùng có thông tin gì chia sẻ mình được không? Mình sẽ không ngại bất cứ khó khăn gì đâu. Nich yahoo của mình là huisno1, mail là
      Mong sớm nhận được hồi âm của Tùng.

  3. Hi, Minh Trang & Tung
    Nam nay minh muon apply Anne van den Ban Scholarship Fund at Wageningen University.. Nhung ma yeu cau phai co cai admission letter cua truong`..khong biet rang` neu nhu em apply vao hoc o truong thi` bao lau se co admission letter va` buoc’ tiep theo lam gi de em co the apply vao hoc bong nne van den Ban Scholarship..Em rat thich hoc o wageningen nay..
    Cam on a chi rat nhieu

    • Hi Day,
      Minh apply xin admission vao cuoi thang 11 va nhan admission vao cuoi thang 12 (khoang 4 tuan). Thuong thi admission se khong mat qua 8 tuan. Sau khi da co admission thi ban can gui email cho cai fund nay (email co tren contact page cua website) noi rang minh muon apply cho hb nay, ho se gui cho ban application forms va cac thong tin can thiet. Ban theo do ma chuan bi application thoi. Theo minh thi moi thu kha ro rang, neu ko ban cu email hoi ho, ho se tra loi som. Chuc ban may man 🙂

  4. That ra 8/10 ben nay da la very good roi e a 🙂 GPA cung la mot loi the quan trong, nhung e co the bu lai bang cac thanh tich khac, cung nhu LoRs va SoP. Quan trong la application cua e lam noi bat len cac diem manh cua e (lam the nao thi e co the tham khao cac post khac cua a Tung) va chu y den criteria cua no. Cu lieu di e a, biet dau nhung dua khac apply lai GPA ko bang minh, dua cao hon thi lai kem minh khoan khac, dua hon minh moi mat thi lai bo hb nay di theo hb khac thi sao 🙂 Chuc e kien tri, may man va thanh cong 🙂

  5. chi Trang oi,
    Em vua viet xong cai SOP ma` em dang phan van lam’..khong biet em apply zo WU bang cai SOP nay`..thi khi ben ABF , co yeu cau cai SOP khac’ ko? hay la lay cai SOP ma em da apply roi` xet chi? chi co the list ra gium em nhung documents yeu cau` cua ABF khong chi?
    Thanks chi Trang nhiu` nhiu`

  6. Thanky ou so much for your info. But I couldn’t find the application form from the link given above. Is there anyone could help me please? Thank you so much for your help.


    Atira Terahadi

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