Master Studies in the Field of International Relations


| Country of origin |    all (except Austria)
| Target Country |    Austria
| Area of study or research |    Social Sciences, Law and Economics
Law, Economics, Sociology
| Type of grant |    Grants
| Detailed type of grant |    semester or one-year grant, research grant
| Funding |    national
| Target Group |    graduates
| Authority awarding grant |    Scholarship Foundation of the Republic of Austria
| Duration |    10 months (one-time extension for a maximum of another 10 months is possible in case of a successful study progress)
| Quota |    10 scholarships; the quota depends on the budget
| Grant benefit paid |

1)monthly scholarship instalment:
for students enrolled in a master or diploma programme: € 940
2) accident and health insurance, accommodation
a) If necessary, the OeAD (Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research) will effect an accident  and health insurance.
b) The OeAD provides scholarship holders with accommodation (student dormitory or apartment). Monthly costs: € 220 to € 470 (depending on the level of comfort requested by the scholarship holder). The scholarship holder has to pay an administrative fee of € 18.— per month to the OeAD for the provision of accommodation. The costs for insurance and accommodation have to be covered by the scholarship holder from the scholarship.

Applicants for a scholarship coming from countries which are neither members of the EU nor members of EFTA, EEA or OECD can be granted a travel allowance of up to max. € 500.– in addition to the scholarship.
There is no additional funding beside that.

| Closing date for applications |
01. 03. 2011
01. 03. 2011    Until further notice: March 1 and September 1 of each year


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