Master in Public Policy Department | Media, Information and Communications Policy Stream


Scholarship / Financial aid: a limited number of scholarships and other financial packages offered
Date: one year
Deadline: January 3, 2011
Open to: those embarking on a career in policy work

Announcement follows

The Department of Public Policy offers a one-year MA in Public Policy with an optional specialization in the field of media, information and communications policy. The stream provides students with a unique opportunity to specialize in a contemporary and dynamic field of public policy that exposes them to the widest possible range of key policy problems.

Information is the currency of the 21st century – politically, commercially and as it relates to civil society. Media and communications are taking on an ever widening societal dimension, contributing in an increasing number of ways to overall economic, political and social development. This specialization offers sector-specific and inter-disciplinary teaching and training in public policy that is relevant to individuals, the society at large and development.

The Master’s in Public Policy program is designed for those embarking on a career in policy work or those already embedded in a policy-making community. Four streams of specialization are offered in the Department of Public Policy, and applicants are required to opt for one of these streams in their application.

For the one-year Master’s in Public Policy Program, please see below the list of items you need to prepare or arrange for submission:

1. Completed online CEU Application Form If you would like to receive notificationas soon as the online application form becomes avaliable, please send an e-mail to )

2. Letters of recommendation

3. Academic records

4. A full curriculum vitae or resume, including a list of publications, if any

5. Proof of English proficiency

For lanuage requriements please see:

For more information about general requriements please see:

In addition to meeting the general CEU admissions requirements for the Deapartment of Public Policy, applicants should submit:

6. One sample of written work it can be any kind of academic piece of work written in English (chapter of your thesis, publication etc.)

7. And 500-word statement of purpose that highlights relevant experience and explains reasons for applying to the program, also declaring your preferred specialized stream in particular

The Department of Public Policy provides a limited number of scholarships and other financial packages of the following types:

CEU fellowships and tuition waiver packages

The DPP offers one or two Full CEU Fellowship Packages for the best applicants every academic year. In addition, a small number of ‘Partial CEU Fellowships’ are available. Applicants are also strongly encouraged to apply for 50% Partial Tuition Waiver packages.

Fiscal Decentralization Initiative (FDI) scholarships for students in the Decentralized Governance stream

The FDI scholarship scheme is supported by the Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative, OSI Budapest and UNDP Ukraine.

Citizens of the following countries are eligible to apply: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Deborah Harding scholarship for a Roma student in any stream

DPP will offer a scholarship for one Roma student. The scholarship will cover the full CEU tuition fees and include a stipend for living expenses, and Roma of any citizenship are eligible to apply.

In addition to submitting the regular CEU and DPP admissions documents, candidates must provide a covering letter indicating their eligibility for this scholarship. In addition, a statement of motivation is required outlining what experiences and knowledge the candidates have gained in the field of public policy related to their Roma identity, and how they would use the opportunity of studying at the DPP to reaffirm their identity and promote the interests of the Roma.

CEU Alumni scholarships

Any applicant may request to be considered for a CEU Alumni Scholarship. Alumni Scholarships will be awarded to students in financial need, and with a proven record of leadership in extracurricular activities, community service and civic engagement.

These scholarships are funded by CEU alumni in order to increase the availability of an education at CEU and to promote the university’s mission of training social and civic leaders. The number and the amount of CEU Alumni Scholarships awarded each year will depend on the overall merit of the applicants. In most cases, CEU Alumni Scholarships will be awarded to help cover the costs of living (previously, the amount of the scholarships varied between 1,000 and 2,500 USD per annum).


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  1. Cám ơn anh rất nhiều. Em cũng đang có ý định học Master ở Châu Âu năm nay 🙂

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