Austrian Student Scholarship


Scholarship / Financial aid: tuition fees, living and travel expenses and books of up to € 13.000 – for an academic year

Date: up to 4 years

Deadline: May 31st, 2011

Open to: nationals of African, Asian, Central and Eastern European Countries and Austrian citizens

Announcement follows

What we offer:

* Scholarships are awarded for basic university programs (university degree, bachelor programs), or, in case the students have already completed studies in their home country, for Master programs
* Support is provided in particular to students who want to take studies in the areas of technology, natural science and economic science
* The scholarship is granted for studies in Austria. Scholarship holders are expected to complete their studies in Austria
* Scholarships will not be awarded to students who are already studying in Austria
* Support for up to 4 years, or for the minimum duration of the respective studies. Scholarships are granted for one year each. The extension of the scholarship will depend on the student’s success
* Financial support for the tuition fees, living expenses and books of up to € 12.000,- for an academic year (further scholarships will be deducted from this amount)
* Travel scholarship, if necessary, of up to € 1.000,- per year
* Advice and support for the scholarship holders in connection with visa, insurance, language courses and search for accommodation
* The Board of the foundation is exclusively responsible for the selection of students
* The scholarship holders of the “Austrian Student Scholarship” are not required in any event to work for the Mondi Group after completing their studies
* Maximum of 40 Scholarship holders (admission of 10 to 14 scholarship holders each year)

What we require:
Applications can be made by nationals of African, Asian, Central and Eastern European Countries and Austrian citizens, who:

* can furnish proof of being eligible for admission to an Austrian university or a university in their respective country of residence (proof of eligibility for university admission in the country where the school-leaving certificate was issued)
* are interested in studying at an Austrian university or technical college, or an Austrian school similar to these institutions and graduating from these
* are not older than 23 years (upon expiry of the application deadline)

Complete application documents must be received by the Austria Student Scholarship of the “Mondi Austria Private Foundation” by not later than May 31st.

The following application documents are necessary to be taken into consideration for an Austrian Student Scholarship:

* Application letter
* Resume (including passport photo)
* Copies of transcripts
* Personal letter of motivation (Why you think you are the right candidate for the “Austrian Student Scholarship?”)
* Precise description of the objective of your studies (including curriculum, timeline and a description of the envisaged degree)
* Two letters of recommendation from professors/teachers or employers
* The application documents have to be sent in English or German


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  1. Thank you very much for sharing information about this master scholarship.
    Actually, I’m interested in this scholarship and want to know more about it but I couldn’t find any details, like how competitive it is. If you know more about it or you know someone who have got this scholarship, could you please help me to collect more information? Thank you very much.

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