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Combining a distinctive set of disciplines and relying on a truly innovative teaching approach, the Master’s Programme enables high-potential graduates to face their future career in areas as:
Project Management, International Sales, Innovation and Business Development, Technology and Operations Management.

The Master’s Course provides an intensive programme of approx. 1,500 hours full-time learning and development activities, including an internship in one of the Finmeccanica Group’s Companies.

Following successful completion of the Programme, students will be offered a hiring opportunity in a Finmeccanica Group Company.

Finmeccanica also offers financial support to the selected students, covering tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses (see brochure).

The Master’s Programme will be taught in English and held in Rome (Italy).

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2 Responses

  1. Minh dinh apply hoc bong master in international business engineering nam sau. Ban co the cho minh biet kinh nghiem de apply thanh cong hb nay duoc khong? Minh hoc nganh dien o dh BKHN, bay h muon chuyen sang hoc kinh te. Hoac ban biet ai da apply hoc bong nay thj share cho minh voi. Cam on truoc.

  2. Mình không apply học bổng này nên không có kinh nghiệm gì bạn ạ. Đây chỉ là thông tin mình collect được thôi, chứ cũng ko quen ai được học bổng này cả.

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