TU/e Talent Scholarship Program (TSP)

Link: http://w3.tue.nl/en/services/stu/internationalisation/services/scholarships_for_masters_students/tue_talent_scholarship_program/


TU/e Talent Scholarship Program (TSP)

Start your international career at one of Europe’s best universities of technology!

It is our pleasure to announce that the TSP scholarships are to be known as the Amandus H. Lundqvist Scholarship Program, named after the former Chairman of the TU/e Executive Board.

Great career opportunities

Start your career with a Master’s program at the technological heart of the Netherlands by studying at TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology). Together with international high-tech companies in the region, the TU/e offers scholarships for top international students.

Are you one of the High Potentials who want to take their Master’s at an internationally leading university? And do you want to follow that with work experience at a global high-tech company in the Netherlands?…….then this is your chance!

TU/e Talent Scholarship Program

Each year a considerable number of scholarships are awarded by the TU/e partnered by top international technology companies and institutes situated in the Eindhoven region and the rest of the Netherlands. Currently ASML, NXP, Océ, Vredestein and Philips are all involved in TSP. The scholarships are awarded to students with the best grades from their previous education at respected universities outside the Netherlands.

The TSP scholarships are for 5 year programs: 2 years studying for your Master’s at the TU/e followed by 3 years working at an international organization or a PhD program.

TSP will waiver your tuition fees for the nominal duration of the two-year Master’s program.  In addition TSP will pay a € 8,500 contribution to your living costs each academic year for the two years of the Master’s program. This amount is adjusted each academic year in line with the national norm for student living costs in the Netherlands.

The TU/e expects all its scholarship students to take advantage of the tremendous employment opportunities in the Netherlands and to remain here for at least three years after graduating from the TU/e Master’s program. You will gain international work experience and increase your future career opportunities.

The TU/e will match your academic background and particular skills to the requirements of the organizations that fund the scholarships (TU/e and companies).

Attractive careers in the technological heart of the Netherlands

The TU/e prides itself on its reputation as being the worldwide number 1 university for scientific output in cooperation with industry.

Furthermore, the region – also known as Brainport Eindhoven – is one of the most innovative centers for advanced technology in Europe. It has, for example, been the base for the technology giant Phillips Electronics for more than a century. Many more multinational companies have research, development and production facilities close to Eindhoven, including ASML and Océ, two of the TSP scholarship partners. The TU/e Talent Scholarship Program may be YOUR chance to get a flying start in your future career in a leading global company.

For more information about economic and business activities in the Eindhoven region, visit http://www.eindhoven.eu and http://www.brainport.nl.

For more information about careers at TU/e, visit http://w3.tue.nl/en/services/dpo/excellent_jobs_for_excellent_people/.

More information about the companies involved in TSP can be found on http://www.tue.nl/masterprograms.

Don’t wait to long to apply…

The scholarships are allocated to selected excellent students on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you are an excellent student, don’t leave your application to the last minute or it is possible that you may miss the chance to gain a TSP scholarship.


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