HSP Huygens Programme

[Very sad news]: HSP scholarship is already terminated

HSP Huygens Programme

Scholarships for excellent students

Selection criteria

Target group:   Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree , PhD degree

Purpose:          Study, Research

Field of study:            All

Countries:       All

Eligible candidates:    excellent results in all your previous studies, in the top 10% of students in your study or research programme

Value and purpose of grant : a monthly allowance of € 1,380 euros (this includes a standard contribution towards healthcare insurance), visa fees (standard contribution), the cost of tuition fees, a one-off payment towards international travel costs (standard contribution based on country of origin)

Grant award period : 6 – 24 months, 6 – 48 months for PhD.

Closing date :  31 January

Availability: The prestigious HSP Huygens Programme is open to excellent students from all countries of the world. It is aimed at talented students who want to come to the Netherlands in the final phase of their bachelor’s studies or during their master’s studies. PhD applications can only be accepted from excellent students with the Chinese, Croatian or Turkish nationality. Furthermore the minister has reserved part of the total budget for excellent students following programmes in Dutch language and literature, or Neerlandistiek.

Grant provider : Dutch ministry of Education, Culture and Science

More information

For more information on the HSP Huygens Programme and application procedure: www.nuffic.nl/hsphuygens


One Response

  1. Chào anh Tungkelvin,
    Hiện giờ em đang muốn apply học bổng HSP. Và em có một câu hỏi muốn hỏi anh. Hiện em đang học ở 1 truờng đại học quốc tế. GPA 3.0. Nhưng em không thuộc vào top 10%. Vậy em có apply đuợc học bổng này không? Và tiêu chì để đuợc xét học bổng này là gì?
    Xin anh cho em một số lời khuỵên cho việ apply này.
    Cảm on anh rất nhiều.

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