Amsterdam Merit Scholarships

Amsterdam Merit Scholarships

Scholarships for outstanding students from non-EEA countries pursuing a Master’s degree at the UvA

Selection criteria

Target group:               Master’s degree

Purpose:                      Study

Field of study:            All

Eligible candidates:    Outstanding students from outside the European Economic Area (holding a non-EEA-nationality) can apply for an Amsterdam Merit Scholarship (AMS). Candidates must be officially accepted into a full-time degree programme at the UvA. The candidate must not receive a full-coverage scholarship from another organisation for the same period of study as the AMS scholarship and must be able to comply with Dutch visa regulations.

Value and purpose of grant : € 6,000 – € 21,000

Grant award period: Selected students receive a scholarship for the official duration of the programme they are enrolled in. The scholarship for one-and-a-half or two-year programmes will only be renewed if the student is making satisfactory progress towards the degree.

Closing date : Deadlines vary per faculty/graduate school (1 March/1 April/1 June). For detailed information per faculty/graduate school, please visit   

Availability : 120 scholarships

Grant provider: Universiteit van Amsterdam

Application procedure : AMS scholarships are awarded by the faculties and graduate schools. Application procedures vary per faculty/school. For more information on the application procedure and requirements, please visit

More information : The AMS scholarship programme is highly selective. The best eligible candidates will be selected for a scholarship by the faculty or graduate school offering the study programme. Applicants will be selected on the basis of academic merit, such as grade average, letter of recommendation and motivation. For  more information on the selection criteria and application procedures per faculty, please visit


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  1. Em chào anh ạ. Em là Kiều Hạnh, ở Cần Thơ. Em đang tìm hiểu về học bổng Amsterdam Merit Scholarship. Em có tìm hiểu qua nhiều website nhưng thấy tất cả đều ghi khá chung chung. Em có 1 câu hỏi rất mong anh trả lời giúp em với ạ. Em không rõ là học bổng này có cover toàn bộ các khoản living costs, insurance, visa, plane ticket như các học bổng toàn phần khác không ạ? Em thấy các học bổng của trường thường không cover hết tất cả các khoản này nhưng đọc dòng “The candidate must not receive a full-coverage scholarship from another organisation for the same period of study as the AMS scholarship” em nghĩ nó cover hết nhưng không dám chắc. Em đang dự định nộp hồ sơ trong tháng 2 này nếu học bổng này là toàn phần ạ. Em rất mong anh có thể trả lời giúp em. Em cảm ơn anh rất nhiều ạ.

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